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Birthdate:Apr 26
indiachick, on LJ.
Girl, in her 20s. Fancies herself a writer. Is a huge SPN fan (Sam-girl, Dean-curious).

The Winchesters took over my life only in 2011 though I started watching SPN in 2008. I work in marketing. I like grotesque things. Murder stories and zombie stories and evil gothic magic which always ends with someone losing an eye or an arm (or both) in gruesome ways. Occasionally I have days when I like fluffy teddybears and all the schmoop. They're rare.

Reads, runs, has unhealthy obsessions with language, metaphors, non-linear storytelling, strange people, stranger Gods, weather, elephants, temples, scriptures, the color purple, baking, monsters, paleontology, and anatomy.

LIKES; crack;character studies; descriptions; intimate P.O.V; dark settings; pre-series; AU; apocafics; one-line characterizations; inspired monsters; Cthulhu mythos; dark!boys; all the magical realism; pretty writing; insane fairytale re-tellings; emotional death!fics; Dean/Lisa; Sam/Cas; Sam/Sarah; Sam/Ruby; Sam/Meg; Meg/Cas; Sam'n'Dean; gen; Sam/Dean; boys-on-the-road; long, inventive descriptions of the Impala; weather talk; emotional porn; hurt/comfort; hurt!Sam, hurt!Dean; zombies; time-loops; crossovers; Johnlock. Was once Wincest-curious, is now pro-Wincest (in fanon; not canon) very much, thank you, this fandom has eaten my brain.
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